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Rainier Cherry Custard Tarts

Rainier Cherry Custard Mini-TartsTo commemorate the past year, I went back to the challenge I had last May. I wanted to make what I call "Chloë Salad." It's very seasonal, very sweet and a less common type of fruit salad.

Chloë Salad is simply Rainier cherries, pineapple and strawberries mixed together. I gave it a twist and baked in Rainier cherry slices and used mini pre-baked crusts. Then I garnished with slivered almonds (which should have been toasted) and tiny slices of strawberry and fresh pineapple.

Chloe Salad Tarts
As for the rainbow in the custard of my unbaked Rainier cherry tart- that kind of timing is the sweet magic of the kitchen window with a crystal in it.

An El Niño this year here in California let Mother Nature give us the most amazing gift of the largest strawberries our garden has ever produced (here are your raw ingredients for Chloë Salad- no sugar or any additives please).
Here are the finished tarts:

Chloe Salad Tarts SF Bay Area

Strawberries, Rainier cherries, pineapple

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