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Pioneer and Daring Women

A couple of nice pieces about women out there on the market this year- or at least this is the year they've turned up for me as gifts:

The Pioneer Woman. She's a blogger my husband discovered long before I did. Her blog is all about food, life on the ranch, photography and Photoshop technique, her 4 children and more. And she's a damn fine writer too- Ree Drummond. So for Mother's Day, her new (ish) cookbook showed up in my hands. Animals, horses, photography, delicious home cookin' recipes (no shaved fennel when you're out in the middle of nowhere!)...I devoured it like the food porn ANY good cookbook becomes in our house (more about the food reading and viewing, rather than actually making any of it). I highly recommend, "The Pioneer Woman Cooks" to women foodies who love horses, photography and the farm life.

Women Who Dare: A 2010 Engagement Calendar. This was a cool gift this Christmas from my Mom all about women making waves in their own worlds (dance, chemistry, jazz, sociology, reporting/spying, civil rights, diving, suffragettes). They are the women from the 19th and 20th centuries we haven't heard of who need to be known more broadly for the mark they made on the world. A very cool calendar if you have a chance to get a copy this late into the year.

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