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Moments Long Since Seized

This past December marked the birthday of the founder of the California Revels. Several years ago when I was volunteering to do makeup she made an offhand comment that changed the course of my life and, in turn, helped spawn a new one.

I think I've said it before in this context: you never know the full effect you have on others. If you're doing good in the world, have faith that those efforts will come back to you.

This post is in thanks to Lisby. In a single moment, you changed a life. Here is my pledge to continue doing good in the world and to raise our child to do so as well. A toast to you!

Photo: This photos of a photo hangs backstage at the Scottish Rite Theater where the Revels are performed annually. Lisby was always religious that no show should ever be one minute longer than 2 hours. So her photo has a stopwatch hung around it as a memory. Those of us who experienced her shall never forget- as we revel our way through shows (front of house, or back- whatever your preference) that since her death have gone minutes, sometimes even tens of minutes, longer.

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