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At the Threshold of 2010

My true New Year actually happens at Halloween. I like to call it Samhain, but I'll teach my kid to speak of it in both proper nouns so she'll grow up with both words and definitions.

I am re-sharing this image of a window in Dubrovnik, Croatia I took on our honeymoon because it seemed to look outward to a columnar structure- something Roman-like. It felt "emperory."

In the 78-number system of numerology I was taught to use, 2010 gets boiled down to a 3. Each number corresponds to a card in the Tarot. The 3 is the Empress. Her influence promises to be a pervading one in 2010.

If you are intrigued by the Tarot (to me, it's just another of many systems available to us), I occasionally read a sweet and well-written blog called 78 Notes to Self. Ginny writes well and dives deep on the cards. Best of all, she seems to approach reading as the tool it is- for helping others, rather than defining the future. Her latest post reminds me of all my New Years lists past. As a little girl, I too would often add "a pony" on them--though not in there right with the groceries where my parents would find it. :)

Tarot is just another system like feng shui, Myers Briggs, religious faith, or psychology. These are things we have created for ourselves to interpret the world around us and/or to give it meaning so we can exist in it with minds that are at peace. The mind is the key, of course. Until it is still the world cannot be.

New Year wishes for inspiration, laughter, a mother's love, a multitude of desperately needed strong, sudden dashes of soft power and peace!

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