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How It All Vegan Gingerbread

The holiday baking ya yahs that need expressing at this time of year are hitting me hard. So I continued my adventures with the cookbook, How it All Vegan. It is a really awesome cookbook that also includes food and natural ingredient-derived cleaning and beauty product recipes. It is an especially great resource if you are passionate about dessert and baking. Tons of innovative ways to do frosting and toppings with some hardy vegan stanbys: nuts, soy, etc.
On the all-around resource side, it's not the first cookbook that you can turn to to with your farm box contents this time of year: leeks, chard, sunchokes and bok choi. Ack! But for me, a baking fiend, it's awesome.
The spicy gingerbread is a indeed an adventure I and twisted it around and used a half and half combo of spelt flour and white rice flour (which in the past has really screwed the recipe) was still awesome.
What might I try next- a little bit of dark molasses specifically and some Guiness Stout that is from this recipe I stumbled on a couple of years back.
The only thing NOT vegan in this photo is...I'm sorry, I broke down...the whipped cream. I whipped it fresh (organic, cows not treated with rBST) and sprinkled in a bit of crystallized ginger- yummmmy!
I also must add my kudos to one of the best carrot cake recipes ever in this book too. And I twisted that frosting around to use Tofutti cream cheese with mixed in strawberry.
For the continuing adventures in vegan cooking (dessert!)

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