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Espresso Whipped Cream

A new addition outside Farmer Joe's in the Dimond district of Oakland is Salaam Coffee. Wayne the proprietor is very friendly and has a nice flavor of coffee to share in his coffee stand/cart just outside of the store.

Especially yummy is his espresso whipped cream which I've found myself going back several times to enjoy.

It's called Salaam Coffee and he's been roasting his own beans for some years. He's making a public "go" of his passion for coffee and if you ask me...the whipped cream is worth a defect from Peet's for a trip or two or more (though they didn't bat an eye about a month ago when I asked them to make me a half caf pumpkin chocolate mocha). Not even a flinch.
I haven't tasted his Obama blend yet but it's on my list- it'll probably have some zing from troops heading out to Afghanistan, a pinch of demand for national healthcare reform.

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