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A 40th Creation for the In-Law

I wasn't supposed to be making the cake for my brother-in-law's 40th birthday--just a bread to compliment a birthday brunch. What's nice about in-laws is they all REALLY appreciate it when your sense of humor is a ding to one of the siblings. At least I write that now, scheduling this post to publish after it gets presented to the family. It'll either be a lot of laughter or dead silence. It's okay, I get a lot of that silence stuff at work anyway.

It's not my fault! I refreshed my baking powder which I finally had the good sense to flip over and see was "best if used by Nov 2006." The edges of this cake are all over the bottom of the oven my Mom was kind enough to clean when she was here to meet the baby; the cake stuck to the pan leaving it like this when I turned it over.

I bought the Thomas the Tank "1" candle thinking we'd have a boy months ago and thought this was far better use of the candle than when May rolls around. Happy Birthday Steve!

PS: If you like this, you'll like a blog I recently discovered (yeah, I don't get much time to troll around anymore, for those of you who know this blog well already).

PPS: The recipe is for Church Basement Ladies' Sweet Hereafter Bread, which I'm rebranding as Pagan Nirvana Loaf in honor of the birthday boy. Yeah, it was TOO MUCH batter for a loaf pan. As for this recipe, I'd say the burned taste of the edges suits a 40th birthday well..but the white chocolate was fine- I thought it would be too sweet. Post event note: The cake was received with both laughter and silence and my husband looked down on behalf of his brother at it and answered the "What is it?" with, "That's a trainwreck."
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