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Plum S'Mores

This month's Sugar High Friday theme is Desserts You Cannot Live Without hosted by Sweet Tooth. A bit of a challenge given that I'm more of a dabbling dessert artist. There certainly are ingredients I cannot live without, but not specific recipes.

My first try was a plum bread topped with fresh plums and 70% cacao chocolate. I overdid it on the lemon zest, scaled too far back on the sugar, tried to rectify it by pulling it back out of the oven just seconds after putting it in and (I suspect) absolutely ruined the texture to a dense (but moist) slightly bitter bread. It now rests in peace in the green waste. Baking and blogging human failure- that's me.

Round 2: I stuck to my guns in terms of my lifelong love for plums and instead took on the concept of the s'more. Ingredients I cannot live without are chocolate (60% or higher cacao- otherwise it's not really chocolate), cream and plums. The plum cream and dark chocolate do very nice things against the toasted buttery flavor of the biscuits. Lavender sprigs serve to entice the eyes and the nose on the way to the tongue.

The Plum S'More

3 Santa Rosa plums
1 package LU Petit Beurre biscuits
6 oz. dark chocolate (preferably 62% cacao or higher with lemon and vanilla undertones) slightly softened
1.5 pints heavy whipping cream
fresh lavender springs for garnish

Slice plums to remove pits and place plums (skins and all) in a blender. Pour 3 cups heavy cream into the blender to mix with the blended plums. Pour mixture into a bowl where you can whip the cream. Whip until stiff peaks begin to form. Cream with have a lovely pink speckled appearance from the plums. Place chocolate squares on biscuits and top with the plum whipped cream. I tried this nice Amano 70% cacao chocolate from Madagascar and was quite happy with it.

Garnish with lavender sprigs.

Makes 6 s'mores (with extra biscuits leftover).

Sugar High Friday is a monthly dessert blogging event started by Jennifer who writes the blog The Domestic Goddess.

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