Oatmeal Cookies By Any Other Name

Sometimes I like to go on about product packaging, food packaging especially. When I saw these for sale, I had a vision of someone cooped up in an office somewhere throwing spaghetti that stuck every time at a wall. The more wacky and random the name, the better. Who cares- let's go with it.

Maybe it is a small team of folks who do...many things. Evidence would indicate that for sure. Unlike some TJs-branded products you find with fun "history of" language on the back or fun facts satirizing mainstream brands, these cookies are pure and untainted by marketing. Nothing about the history of oatmeal cookies or what makes a truly fine oatmeal cookie wasted here.
It's like someone sat there and thought: Oatmeal? Food of the Irish. Irish? Druids. A name, some artwork- that's it! Next...

Perhaps I'm mostly just jealous that I can't bring my zany wacked out ideas to the workplace the way I'd truly like and the way these folks obviously are. You have to wonder what a Monday looks like for someone who came up with this name and a few of the others below.

In search of more gems, I took myself off on a trip to TJs and scanned the store a bit for the ways in which they seem to be throwing the spaghetti at the TJs brand. The photos below say it all. I declare the tissue box design clearly the winner.

Mexican Beer

Josef's Baking Flour

Bath Tissue The quote is, "If you thought the brisket was good you should try the toilet paper."

And the tissue rebranding takes the cake- the quotes on its various sides are:

Top: Please don't leave me in your pocket when you do laundry!

Side: I'm there when you're sad. Love, tissue.

Side: I'm there when you're sick. Feel better, tissue

Side: I'm there when you need to pick up icky things. Kindly, tissue

The bottom: I know how to make it better. Let me get you a Trader Joe's facial tissue.

The best side of all: