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The Hidden Cost of Obama- As the Mezo-Americans Wouldn't Have It

A bit of state to state rivalry in jest here: No Illinois, you can't have Scharffen Berger in exchange for Obama! But apparently Hershey has other (sad for the Bay Area) plans and will consolidate operations: read here.

Closing down the Joseph Schmidt and Scharffen Berger factories here is a bad move for the brand-competitively and in the hearts of San Francisco Bay Areaionians like me. Where we will take our out of town guests for a "chocolate factory tour"? The factory is a source of local pride and is a cultural nod toward the diversity of what you can find on this coast toward our food mecca status-especiallywhere chocolate is concerned.

The carbon footprint of my baking ingredients will likely go up, right? The chocolate will now have to be shipped from the Illinois production facility. Scharffen Berger's founder wouldn't have liked this and frankly, neither would the Mayans and Aztecs! Do you agree or do you like the space for the smaller producers this will make? Chime in on the comments on this post.

This will definitely damage the brand on its home turf Hersh...

Photo: Factory tour we treated our out of town guests to for our wedding guests in 2007.

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