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Environmental and Inaugural Dreams

Arriving as if in the form of a wedding invitation, our support (desperate attempts) to alter the course of the the vessel called "America" this past November earned us a formal, snail mailed invitation to Obama's swearing in ceremonies in Washington.

Glancing at the invite but not closely, my husband and I shared our thoughts over dinner. He thought it was really cool. I found it overly formal, not necessary and began to list reinvent it on the spot (not looking at it as I spoke).
I wished they'd printed on paper that had recycled content or perhaps carried the the Forest Stewardship Council logo that I've begun to look for on catalogs, magazines and wood-based products. I am at the tip of "the thoughtful consumer's iceberg" I wish we were all standing on. It's time for people to start considering the origin of all things tangible.
I took another quick look to see my wishes had already been granted. And 100% post-consumer with a union printing label. The fabric of Obama's efforts to start weaving our connected future together is here, right down to the paper he's invited his supporters to Washington on. It makes an important statement, but it's no wonder the guy and his administration have a lot on their shoulders as I unrelentingly closed my remarks with, "But where's my soy-based ink?" It's the thoughtful consumer that his staff will have to work harder than any other administration in history has ever worked to please.
I welcome in those folks at this historic time next week and wish them success. February 12th marks the 200th birthday of Abraham Lincoln who led us through the Civil War. What will Mr. Obama be leading us through (the biggest economic crisis since the Great Depression and pivotal times for our planet and our world)?
On a personal note, I'm welcoming in a new chapter. My husband and I are expecting our first child in May. Indeed for all worlds big and small this is a time of change and a time of hope. Let's celebrate America's first black president!

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