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World Wheat Embrace

I call this World Redemption Bread, or Rachel's Fantasy Bread. I'd read two recipes for what I thought were "stuffed breads," in anticipation of today--World Bread Day. But in revisiting them, they were nothing like this at all.

World Bread Day is being hosted by Zorra at: Read her call for participants here.

I bought bread from the Master bakers here in Oakland, those givers of "a taste of Paris" anytime I should want to hike down to their newest storefront here in the Dimond and indulge my lack of digestive tolerance for and gourmet adoration of wheat: La Farine.

I bought one round sour and one regular batard and cut them up and stuffed them with:

- Two slices of Brie cheese inserted in each cut (wax mostly sliced away)

- Walnut pieces toasted in butter

- Dried cranberries

- Pieces of Golden apple (peeled and cut)

The top of the breads were brushed in butter with a dash of nutmeg and when they came out of the oven, I drizzled honey ever so lightly across the top.

I call it World Redemption bread not because I think we have some original sins to repay, but because I think our world is a mess right now and I love the concept of baking bread together on one day to rally some awareness. Plus, remember like any path to salvation, the recipes I thought would serve me were nothing at all like the 11th hour solution I made up on the spot based on what I thought I'd read- hence Rachel's Fantasy Bread.

Comments from the eaters included:

"This is capital stuff!"

"The touch of the master is the hint of nutmeg."

And from the husband, "I had my doubts, but this was really delicious Honey."

Go forth and redeem yourselves and win hearts with this amazing appetizer at your next gathering. Enjoy!

3rd World Bread Day hosted by 1x umruehren bitte aka kochtopf

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