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Bachelor #7

Age: 37
Height: 6' 1"
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Red

Jim brings a charm that only a man from the South can. This guy knows how to treat a lady. He's interested in "intelligent, creative women that are 'go-getters'" and enjoys free diving, spear-fishing, motorcycling or a fine syrah or pinot noir with the right company.

That was the marketing for "Jim," an eligible bachelor I bought a date with at live auction for the Sixth Annual Fire Fighter Bachelor Auction. He wasn't the one I had my eye on but his creativity won me over. I have to tell you how strange it is (once the the bids are closed and the din of women yelling is at a lull) to have more than one woman lean over to you and say things like, "Very good choice" and "Oh, he's a good buy."

Held in the perfectly sultry and appropriate Red Devil Lounge in San Francisco, the Auction was a fundraiser for the Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation.

My single girlfriend Anna (shown here) wanted to go and I was happy to oblige. I knew I would be a buyer that night- trying a new experiences in the name of charity (socialite wannabe that I may appear to be... from time to time) I've gotten myself a group date with Jim and his other Bay Area firemen heading out to the central valley wineries for a day in a limo. You'll have to wait until June for that post. I'm bummed I can't have a private date! I mean, how am I going to interview him for this blog with all that noise and silliness all around? What's a writer to do- my Goddess?!

After watching some of the other 9 bachelors dance around, trying to show they had rhythm or the ability to move their muscled bodies as if they were dancers, I chose Jim because his approach was different. He put together a "firefighter rescues secretary skit" that he acted out with (I'd later find out) a gal pal friend of his. Let's just say the skit ended with him carrying her off, away from her laptop. Maybe it was the laptop that got me. I should amend, it was more like a "firefighter and mobile worker" skit. :O

As the evening progressed and the fun band kicked up in their Spinal Tap wigs and weird leopard and baby blue suits, the firefighters were mixing and mingling among the women present. I noticed Jim off in a corner putting the moves on a gal. That was kind of fun to watch, except that he seemed to move off when he saw me watching. He came over to be friendly and I asked him where the lady friend had gone...he said he knew her from the hospital and that she was just a friend...and that he intended to go home alone for the night (poor man, here I am a married woman who helped him play out just that scenario for the night!). Calling all my single friends!!

I seem to be gathering quite a collection of adventures all of a sudden. Next weekend, I get to ride around with an OPD officer. Policeman, fireman...a friend and I were joking that if I could get a senator and a doctor, I might have a full house. I think a waitress would make it a full house!

The picture? Well, it's a bit of an inside joke relevant to my day job right only a few of you will get it. Isn't it the most incredible thing?! It's the Red Devil Lounge's soundboard and equipment. Gear, as my husband likes to phrase it.

No, I didn't get a picture of Jim for you- you'll have to wait for that. Though I suppose since he works in Berkeley I could go for a driveby shooting in the coming weeks. ;)

Chapter 2 adventures of the firefighter buy

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