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Mother Nature's March Madness: First Wedding Anniversary

Pacific Ocean Rainbow Mendocino, CAWhat's happening all over northern California right now plays like a gorgeous pro-life commercial. If those loonies that want every sperm to be sacred had any sense in their pea-brains, they'd be video taping all the shit that goes down at the mid-latitudes (northern hemisphere) in March on the left coast and they'd turn it into a commercial.

But thankfully, the ways of mother nature are a bit out of reach to folks with this kind of an agenda. Of course they'd disagree with that but ... another post maybe sometime.

These are just a few of the photos I took for our first anniversary and our long weekend away in Mendocino.

Never been? If you've been to San Francisco, done the flowers in your hair thing (don't try it in downtown unless you're riding a bike at Critical Mass), maybe even smoked the hooka and watched the bellydancers at Kan Zaman- Mendo is a great get away for art, nature, ocean, animals and beauty- four of my favorite things.

I'll just leave you with pictures here and shut my yap. If you'd like some tips on all that we did- check the anniversary post to our wedding blog. Don't forget to click the tidepool video below- it's fun to watch the little crabbies come alive!

And one more for all the dessert-loving readers I get here from doing pretty regular Sugar High Fridays:

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