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Bidding Welcome to the New 10/1 Year

We prepped ourselves to enter 2008 by trying something new over the holidays: cross country skiing in Yosemite.

Having had just one other failed snowshoeing expedition and a downhill lesson, where I had no control and knocked 7 people down, you can bet I had some resistance to what the experience might bring. But I was also expectant because cross country isn't downhill...

Our first day's lessons were largely about downhill techniques...because in California, stuff just isn't flat; you have to be able to go both cross country and downhill.

We headed out to Yosemite with our friends who had the patience of SAINTS to put up with our beginner ways. The weather was beautiful - unusual even. Thick clouds covered the valley below so the trees seemed to be growing right out of the sky.

As for skiing, the hunched, overbentness of knees was just about one of the most unintuitive things I could have asked my body for- too many years of dance training and good posture. It was a struggle.

Also, my mental approach of wanting constant, unflinching control is not the right recipe. Gliding scared me because I fear losing control and falling. But with the assistance of some baby trails, I began to slowly learn how to steer with my feet. It's going to take lots more practice to learn how to squat. Growing up on the east coast, I never was an ice skater- pretty clear why now. I also found the mantra I am one with the ice helpful- if any newbies are reading!

Heading into '08, we are grateful for our overflowing wealth of friends who hosted a wonderful week for us- games and fun at night and hard work learning something new (thank goddess for all the yoga I've had the pleasure to take too) that in the long run will be fun.

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