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Cantaloupe-Colored Mint-Leaf Streamline Baby

It's that season of "push," that you can feel in the air. That feeling of exhaustion simply by virtue of the fact that it's November crushing in on your psyche. Well, with this month's Sugar High Friday theme, Beta Carotene Harvest hosted by Canadian blogger Leslie who writes Definitely Not Martha, feel the crush no more (why thank you Canada!).
I stepped out of my "must use oven," "must include dairy and grains" mentality for 5 seconds to uncover this delicious recipe. Granted this is a very unseasonal way to get beta carotene.

Trader Joe's provided these delicious cantaloupes for the recipe. These high carbon footprint, shipped from Goddess-knows-where melons brought to life everything the author writes about it. Honey is a lovely sugaring agent too.

Cantaloupe Soup, where I found this recipe, is it was created by Sheri, a circus performer who has travelled to every state and Canadian province in North America.

What's with the title, you ask? It's a play on Kandy Colored Tangerine-Flake Streamline Baby, by Tom Wolfe. (When you're bored, you never need to reinvent the wheel).

About the picture: Pasha the cat contemplates the photographer's lack of a spoon in the staged photo.

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