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My cocktail. She calls cocktail. I hardly have a love for pill taking and now I've been given a schedule for taking them. It's actually written out on paper rather than in marker on a bottle or bag as has been typical these past months. Congaplex, Cal-Amo, SBR and Cataplex ACP are the ingredients of my daily cocktail - 10 pills twice a day, not including fish oils- which I'm actually taking for my ongoing low back/adrenal issue (also manifesting in my foot under the popular diagnosis of plantar fasciitus- says the foot doctor).

This particular combination of "solid cocktails" above are something new. 5 cysts have appeared under my right arm. I come from a cysty family- it's not uncommon, but the volume of them is unusual.

I've been in treatment with my chiropractor/kinesiologist for around 4 years. Her method is full on Eastern medicine, seeking out the causes of why I have low back pain vs. just treating it like Western medicine. I did the obligatory Western medicine route with my healthcare provider at the time- Kaiser. They told me to go strengthen my core, lose weight and take Advil whenver my back hurt. Okay thanks! By the way I'm doing two of the three (I refuse to live on Advil).

I've really come to believe and witness just what a closed system the body is. Everything is related to everything. And gradually and in a very non-immediate way, I've had to have the patience to watch my back pain (inflammation around my sacrum) be slowly treated as an ailment of my adrenals. At 36, my body is done with sugars, starches, uppers and anything that turns on my adrenal system.

But back to the cocktail- two weeks worth stretched out into 4 has worked- the cysts have either worked themselves out or been re-absorbed. This is the second time I've seen my doctor for a new condition and it was completeley healed (after muscle testing to diagnose which nutritional supplements I needed).

If you're looking for other options, kinesiology is interesting. It can be quick results- in the case of the cyst, but it can also move quite slowly. My doctor pretty much thinks of any condition as a playland to further her skills and challenge her more for complex ailments. She took one patient's HPV diagnosis from positive to negative in 3 months and put lupus into remission for another patient.

And I can't tell you how refreshing it is to work with a doctor who addresses issues with passion and curiosity- it's a cut above working with Western doctors who are continually pressured by time and cost.

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