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Heading into Corn Moon

Local Foods Wheel, San Francisco Bay Area
Recommended listening while you read this post: "World Turning" by Fleetwood Mac off their Fleetwood Mac album (1975).

It amazes me in the midst of this Golden Age of Gadgetry, that culturally, some sectors are also quite engaged in finding our way back as CSN sang and Joni Mitchell wrote, "back to the land," "back to the garden." 38 years later, I meet a hell of a lot of people who are most certainly making their way to a garden somewhere. Why they don't ever seem to be the land developer types is an ongoing thorn in my side. Ouch who planted roses!?

I got a very cool gift this week- evidence that I really do live on Planet Bay Area, a festering enclave of folks not only walking to their own rhythm, but immersing themselves in re-defining what rhythm is. Hmm, doesn't sound like anyone I know- ha. It's a local foods wheel that tells you what's in season each month for just the San Francisco Bay Area agricultural region. The summer squash and tomatoes I put into our first garden this year, along with my new fig tree are running late.
Starting next month, we've subscribed to a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) box of veggies and produce from Full Belly Farm. I can't wait to see how what's in the box matches up to what's on the wheel for early September. We're now heading into the Green Corn Moon, watch for the eclipse the next nite.
Brief update: Here's our first produce box from Full Belly! Gorgeous...the zuchini (courgette for some of you!) was grown in our garden- my first this year. Here's a link to the photo- sorry it's all mixed up with our luscious honeymoon photos but ya know, you'll live.

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