Share, Make the World Go Round


It's not much like me to do this but I'm using Blurb to put together birthday presents and books for family post-wedding and oh My Goddess! I can already see how amazing these things will be in printed form. It's sensual and you've never felt so un-guilty about dead trees (but hey guys, any plans to pander to us recycled content snoots?) as you will when you build your family, your loved ones, yourself, even your worst enemies (because it's always best to live well..and then share it! Share it?) one of these gorgeous books.

Who should send their lawyers running-right now- to go get Adobe? Google? I know, I know just because I'm thrilled doesn't make a good acquisitio....oh shutup! Or maybe Apple since the simplicity of the product you download to do it right on your computer is characteristic of only something they could put out. Or, will it be the big M in the sky...I'm not sure they could grasp such a technologically gorgeous (and stable) product. This little bugger client says- don't ever save again, it's always saved. Always.

Okay, my rant is...almost over. So, I bought David an iPhone. I'd not seen him as fascinated and wowed by a piece of gear like that in a long time. Even I'll consent, the thing is Phonetastic.


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