Ultimate McIntoshes

A little travel log this time. Portland, Maine was our destination for a wedding this past weekend. At this time of year, so close to the New Year, I get hungry for my favorite kind of apple, the McIntosh.

Nothing like these hanging wall slices to fulfill the visual need for a bite of these tart and sweet, somewhat soft but not mealy apples. What apple flesh to die for- pies, Waldorf salad, baked with cinnamon and a few nuts, in bread, smothered with chunky peanut butter- oh yummy!

When I was a kid bobbing for apples, these made the bobbing worth while. There are various references to apples- which when cut open have a core that is a five-pointed star. Bobbing for apples is documented as a way to find your true love (method 1) and method 2, as well as an ancient forerunner to the practice of Baptism. The Norse saw apples as a path to immortality. Here's another good backgrounder on Pagan roots of Halloween as well.

Hallowmas blessings and visions to you too!