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Woman using a laptop in the dark by Mareen Fischinger

As the electronic world overtakes us, blogs are impacting romantic and platonic relationships. Sociologist wannabees (I can't possibly imagine anyone like this) are asking things like:  Has blogging come between us? And do we want it that way for a reason? And finally, will there be a quiz at the end (or beginning) of this in-person visit? Do we have a friendship or a blogship here?

If someone keeps a blog, should that person's friends and lovers be held responsible for reading it? Should readers also know the content of public comments posted in response? It's my theory that anyone answering yes to these questions may belong back in school. I wonder how many courses now integrate blogosphere content into the coursework- and why.

These questions about life the universe and everything for blogospherophiles recently happened to me. When commenting on the assumption that x should 'read the blog' instead of having the actual conversation in person I commented, "She's full of herself." Is the "haven't you read my blog?" replacement response for "why are you asking" narcissim? Are relationships that come with required reading an unequal balance of power and expectation? What if both parties blog and have this expectation? Are we all full of ourselves? Are we arrogant academics fantasizing about blogospherical tenure, awaiting students to lift us away from the Sargasso of not having our works widely read?

Now that a year as a blogger has passed, I've found blogs to be a lovely serving of daily or weekly news to keep up with those you love, care about or who write about things you're interested in. It's not even so much what they are going through personally as much as curiousity to peep in on what's up with them creatively or to learn about the latest thorn in their consciousness (for those ranters). Blogs can also be great ways to reach out and connect with new people writing about things that move you. I have reached out- people have reached out to me. It's a positive step for humanity- really!

In the world of cultural trends, are blogs the more adult and sophisticated version of what social networking Web sites are for our youngsters? Fuck I'm 35 and typing that word! This sweet and sarcastic Trendspotting piece from the Daily Show is an entertaining commentary.

So yes, I reached out to get you this awesome photo to go with this post. Photo with the permission of Mareen Fischinger. Copyright Mareen Fischinger (she has some fantastic work- go check it out!).

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