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Patience, Process

Having a house and beginning to form an idea of what I want to grow for the garden (both edibles and visuals), I realize that this phase of life for me is all about process. I think of how others interpret this time of working toward something and recollect the bumper sticker you see: Let go. Let God. I'm actually being respectful for a change.

We all have different frameworks for process in our lives but the process side of it all has been greatly obscured by the m.o. of our culture. I watch as at 220K miles, the Seahorse (my car) is slowly becoming not drivable. I watch as Pasha's leg seems to bother her and how she's less affectionate and more like an old lady with an ache in her temperament. I watch today as I excitedly planted two tomato plants and 4 sunflower seeds that had seeded themselves in a fuschia I had revived a couple of times over the years. Life and death and cycles are all around us. But how do we each respond when put to the tests they present to us?

As we grow older we have to give in; and the ways in which we do so change with the wisdom we gain as the years pass. It seems to be how we give in to what's happening to us seems to be what it's all about. Do we struggle and fight and angst and suffer? Or do we accept where we are and what we have to do and find that thread of hope, of sustenance, to take us forward and through?

And though it's not said or articulated all that often, life is that process that we live each day for. Big shock! We're all here for the process (whether we want it or not).

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