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Chasing a Mascarpone Tail

It begins with the need to use some ingredients bought in haste months ago when I'd planned to make cupcakes for something. Well, that never happened and I got overcommitted. Two containers of mascarpone cheese not only got saved, but moved with us to the new house...where they sat; waiting.

What is it with our quest to create life simply around dealing with all the stuff that we have; hoping in vain that we are doing something right by attempting to prevent waste? We are damned blessed and we take it so for granted- that's what it is!

We googled a lovely Mascarpone and Lime cheesecake recipe and we were off. Because neither of us should be left alone in the house with copius dessert, I decided to have people over to enjoy it with us.

Two quickly became nine and our 7th invitee, I'd learned, had just recently gotten her green card. Thus a simple 8 oz. of cheese becomes a home-created celebratory "green card" cheesecake- complete with re-lighting red, white and blue candles and a little green card emblem saying "celebrate" for the center (with a martini glass on it). Funny too how we planned to serve the champagne and dessert wine that was piling up in our cupboards as well but instead, the guests all brought their own dessert wines. How do these opulences of life, of food, of good friends and of reveling come to be in our lives? Is the answer really, from an extra container of unused cheese?

At the end of the creative journey of the cheesecake, we ended up buying a third container of fresh in fear that one of the months-old containers would be spoiled once we opened it. Nine people, a cheesecake, some cooking dishes washed and dried later, there is still a container of mascarpone that needs using that sits in our fridge. The expiration date? November 12th.

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