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HipHop Goes Wetlandish

I am envisioning a new mesh between hip hop and possibly rap music, and the sounds of nature. Living on Earth put together a fantastic show, a part of which was about Chase Lake National Wildlife Refuge in Central North Dakota. Sounds of this lively habitat were recorded by Lang Elliot.

You need to have RealPlayer installed- if you do, click to listen. Hear the gulp sound that sounds like a pump? That's an American bittern. Can't you just hear THAT coming out of the back end of a souped up car, driving around Oaktown as the beginning to a song? That would be the s#%^, wouldn't it? Even better, if you listen in the recording to the 3:30 timing mark, that high pitched whinnying sound that sounds like rapid laughter is the sound of a Sora (shown above). Can't you just hear that in $.50's next album?

Use this link to support future Living on Earth programs!

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