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Change Train

All my life I've felt most at ease living in places where I could hear the train while I was in my bed. BART has continued that longstanding tradition (it hasn't been not true since approximately 1999) in our new house in the Dimond district of Oakland. But always being able to hear the train symbolizes that life is moving for me. Change is afoot, sometimes slowly, sometimes like a steam roller, sometimes like a whippet. And change, even when difficult is a saving grace, a healer, a companion, and that special spice of life.

Even with beautiful things happening and two new companions to journey through life with me and Pasha, I find I have a terrible case of "leave me alone now" syndrome.

This is our new kitty Joule cuddling up to David in a way Pasha never will. She's pure energy and love and is totally self-winding. We're a co-habiting DINK family now, with two cat girls and lemons....lemons and limes fresh off the trees in the yard (which also has rosemary and oregano!)

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