Share, Make the World Go Round

damn, Damn, DAMN Universal Consciousness!

Wincing in pain from the stress of a horrible week (it would have been typed "an horrible" week if we were still back in the 1950s- alas, part of my stress is because some people still are) I reflect on the organization and enthusiasm of some 75K participants in 2006' Bay to Breakers- a 7.5 mile stint east to west across San Francisco that happens annually.

There were many who teamed up as pirates, storm troopers, alien invaders and other forms of "imposters," including those who fabricated this fantastic Trojan horse. Greek themes were also big- several groups in togas or teaming up as parts of a "Caesar Salad." I think our universal consciousness is feeling a bit under (understatement) the threat of violation. Of course we also always have the undying gyrating hips of Elvis to keep us hopeful- that something is still alive; we're just not quite sure what..."...we're all shook up, uh huh!...."

Next year, I will not shirk at bringing my camera and I will buy new running shoes before going- my feet weren't happy with me after (it ends up being) some 8.5 miles or so.

"Elvi", SF Chronicle photo by Carlos Avila Gonzalez.
"Trojan Horse" photo by I Danderson.

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