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Seeing an Angel: On Thankfulness

Winged Victory
As I contemplated Photoshopping this to be the creative brat that I am, I realized I may have a miracle on my hands- well, now it's on my blog. There is an image of a face that appears in this photo. It's looking over the wing closest to me as I took this in Paris and it's a smiling, female face (it actually kinda looks like the God Mercury because the face peeks out from underneath what appears to be a helmet).

Well, there you go. "Woman photographs Nike's long-lost face on the statue of Winged Victory at the Louvre."

Call the media, it's time to take the name "Medanic" beyond community and non-equity theater fame!!! Nah, if you want to see that kind of crap, go to my archive where you can marvel at Jesus' face in a chapati that somebody got notoriety for.

What sparked this angel stuff were more of my experiences at last week's Project Homeless Connect (see previous blog entry).
This part of a longer exchange I had with one client I'll call Darrell* (*name changed for confidentiality):

Darrell: You got the prettiest eyes and angel smile. You must be close to God, am I right?
to self: Actually, I am god in that the creative energy is something I do often.

me: No, not really.

Darrell: You're not? So why am I seeing the face of someone with so much love and kindness to give?

me: Well....I care about a lot of things.

Darrell: You got a man?

me: Yes.

Darrell: Well he musn't have known what God was till he met you. I'm just lucky I get to see the work of beauty, the Rembrandt, up close and personal.
to self: How sweet and articulate this man is.

Darrell: That beauty of yours has come to my life to inspire me to keep on living and not take my life.
to self: Whatever I can do to inspire you. It's actually a gift in itself to have the capacity and ability to give.

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