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First of the Season: We Are Family

The first kittens of the season. Some medium hair, some short hair and all with Siamese marking blend, two of the siblings solid black. 8 kitties left in the night drop box. Their mood? A little frightened for a few of them. The two black ones were both female and very gregarious. The ones shown playing here are the males. As I photographed their play, all that was running through my head was "We are family! I got all my sistahs and me." SPCA took the two black ones immediately, 4 days later, 4 of the remaining 6 were sent to Nine Lives Foundation in Redwood City- a dowry of sorts for their taking our sweet, dear blind black kitty from us who I'd been getting to eat and spending time with helping her "sound out" the confines of her kennel. I will miss her so...

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