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For the Sweet-Toothed FOODIES!

I've never purchased this much chocolate before. It's for this weekend's engagement party for David and me. Our friend Jonathon has purchased a chocolate fountain and it requires 10 lbs. just to get started!

The yellow label bars are Guaranda- unique origin chocolate from Ecuador. When you eat them, the fruits and citrus dance on your tongue while the dark 71% cacao shouts, "I am chocolate, taste my roar!" (I want that kind of citrus booty in my tortes!). Two tortes will be cut into tiny bite sizes to feed all the people.

Doesn't sound like enough? The other items on the dessert menu include: 2 Honeyed Apple Tortes, 3 Coriander Pomegranate Molasses Cakes with Lemon Cream Cheese frosting (I left a whole one freshly iced in the kitchen today at work--3 hours later it was entirely gone- not even one little crumb remained. Nothing but e-mail compliments and a soft echo of what was once baked and whole remains), and 3 Walnut Ricotta cakes.

My friend Jon has also been hard at work perfecting his tiramisu in mini ice cream cones this week- he says he's not yet satisfied but will keep working at it (oh yes, he makes his own cones). Plus the fountain which will allow the 60 or so guests to dip banana slices, strawberries and apricots in it.

I'll take pictures, I promise!

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