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Lines Ballet

According to palmistry, whether a person is right or left handed designates which hand represents their personal "past" and "future." Another interpretation of dominant (which hand they write with) and subordinate hands represents what "fates" they are born with and what they have made of themselves.

So I'm going to go with the future analysis here- since my occult upbringing was so grounded in various tools and systems for seeing around corners and being prepared for what was coming.

So you see the Mound of Saturn here on my left hand where my Line of Fate starts at the mound in many scattered thin pieces that become, between the heart and head line, two lines that have started together and are now running parallel--and then they rejoin below my head line. From there, the Line of Fate gets hella stronger as it they runs down the palm of the hand as one solid line (the line with the partial five pointed star at the bottom of it near the heel). See that? Look closely. See it?

Anyway, could you tell me where is my life on this line right now? And did birth start at the Mound of Saturn? Or the heel? Was I born with my destiny, my future- my Saturn set in there as if Hephastus had slammed the old anvil down hard. Or, did I come from the star- moving upward toward my fate- toward my Saturn life fate?

Ah shit, there's pink lint in my navel too.

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