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Blame Canada, Oh Canada!

I've had the opportunity for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. This is an uber magnification of a Canadian diamond. Translation: my future Canadian diamond. I am recently engaged and have had the blessing of being able to make my engagement ring from scratch; my own design of customized Art Deco and Art Nouveau concepts I love, combined with shapes that are powerful to me--plus a very personal stone combination.

The diamond- shown here is serial numbered and marked with a Canadian maple leaf. In the process, we've learned a bit about the Kimberley process and the only way to truly know what's on your finger is free of human rights abuses, is to buy a Canadian diamond.

I wonder what all the fuss about having a big rock on your finger truly is for other women? I am equally divided that it's women making up for their own brain sizes in carats and/or, women attempting to make up for the penis sizes they know they'll be stuck with for the rest of their lives. Just riffing here.

But for all the jokes about men and symbols of status and wealth- surely some of that must carry over into the current female architypes that govern our present consciousness? Jung would say, "Boy has shit changed!" But then Jesus and the Founding Fathers would also be asking for stiff drinks if they could live in this day and age...I digress.

In designing the ring and in choosing a modest diamond, it was driven more by practical concerns. It was all about what will catch on clothing, doorframes I happen to be walking into on bad days, cat litter grains that might get caught in the ring's filigree, dishes I'm doing, and how brightly I want the stones on my ring to scream "mug me please!" when I happen to be on foot in the wrong parts of town.

Jessica at Golden Oak Jewelers in Berkeley worked hard to source us a diamond where the mine's origin was known, but because the stone I chose was so small (under 1/2 carat I think...I don't actually know or care), we actually could not know where the stone came from, even though it was Kimberly certified. So we decided to go Canadian to be sure.

But even doing this, I realize that I have taken from this earth- while indirectly giving back to the Canadian economy. Surely any activity in as northern a country as Canada cannot be helpful to the environment. This article is a fascinating look at salaries and the workforce issues around Canadian diamonds...more research on how to give back to the wilderness there will be the next order of business for me. Thank you to the great mother for this magical piece of coal!

And to my love who is so generous to to do this for me- thank you Honey!

Photo credit: Brian Cohen, Golden Oak Jewelers

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