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This Is NOT A Receipt

During our "Special Election" this past Tuesday, I looked down at my unbranded smart card with the chip embedded in it. In order to vote, I had to insert the card into a reader that read Diebold (nice tagline on the logo in upper left here guys...we gotta wonder what you won't rest at doing).

Oh yes my friends..................

And did that machine give me a paper receipt to show how I'd voted? Absolutely not. The polling place workers sheepishly had to offer this up instead as my voter receipt.

We've got some business to attend to. Our Governator needs to do more than just fess up, promise to be more patient with the legislature and tell us Maria "told him not to have the special election."

If the buck stops with you Arnold, YOU dump $52-55 million out of the funds YOU'VE raised for your own political perpetuation, cover your Girly Man Mistake of putting this state, many counties of which haven't even yet been reimbursed for the recall election of Davis, through your antics, and pay for it yourself.

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