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Sweet Baby Jesus

I don't know if it was growing up in the seventies watching Saturday Night Live or what, but this whole thing about Jesus continues to be over the top- on both sides of the cultural fence (he's a hegemonic convergence of our lack of faith in faith -- and lack of respect for the faith of others....yep, it happens). Powered by proselytizing!

After 3 weeks in Italy a few years back, I remarked to my girlfriend that everywhere I went it was more Jesus...and more Jesus. Thus was spawned, "Jesus H. Christ, it's more f'in Jesuses!" our favorite angst exclamation for Christianity overLOAD.

The guy has got a tremendous market share and as easily as I'm blogging about him, I'm saying it's time to put JC out to that countercultural pasture in the sky.

But wait, can't we just get one more divine chapati in....just one more. He would bless us if we'd allow it. certainly will help us continue to keep him alive.

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